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G2AG2A is actually a marketplace where you can sell and buy all sorts of digital goods as well as video games. You can find much more about G2A in the following review


Because of the business G2A is doing these days, we can say that it is the largest online retailer of games. Games aren’t the only thing G2A is concerned with; it also features software and other digital goods. The success and business of G2A are mostly associated with games because 95% portion of the website is related to games and other digital goods.


The popularity of G2A is not only because of the products, digital goods, and games it features but also because of the sponsorships it offers. G2A sponsored many teams in E-Sports. G2A also supported many teams in the tournaments of International League of Legends.

Origin of G2A

G2A was started in 2010 – not very long ago – and yet in the market, it has already defeated many well-known and giant gaming stores like Steam, and PlayStation store, and it is now considered the leader in the online game retailing.

Strategies to Achieve Goals

A strategy is a very important and paramount thing in achieving any goal, and the strategy used by G2A is that it features innovative market campaigns, and it also pays attention to details: these two things make it distinct from the rest of the online gaming stores. Another important strategy of G2A is its partnership with different websites, and that is what made it popular all across the world. You will be surprised to know that it has more than 1 million visits in a month.

Achievements of G2A

In a very short span of time, G2A has achieved much more than what can be expected of any company. The credit goes to its strategic orientations. We, however, cannot discuss all its achievements, here are few which we think are most noteworthy

  • G2A relies heavily on innovation, and all its efforts are directed towards innovating something new and unique.
  • The support provided by G2A to many international E-Sport teams also makes it distinguished.
  • It is growing faster than any other online gaming store in the world.
  • The distinguished category of “Save the Children with us” also makes G2A popular.
  • It gives outstanding opportunities to sellers to sell their content online.

Information Graphics

The overall design of the website is much more amusing than you can imagine. The theme of the website is dark gray and black. The entire homepage is full of interesting information regarding different games. The main categories are mentioned on the top of the homepage and there is also a search bar on the top. The payment methods and services details are mentioned on the bottom of the page.

Easy to Navigate

Despite being very rich in content, the website is extremely easy to navigate. For the ease of access, the four main categories – Games, Platform, Genre, Steam Skins – are further subdivided giving you a variety of options to explore and to choose from. On the top right corner, there are different countries and currencies to choose from. In the middle of the homepage many latest and most popular games are mentioned with stunning graphics and outstanding imagery.

When you move the cursor on the image of any game, all the details of the game will be visible to you. After that, there is a “Load More” button which you can press to see the most featured games. The overall view of the website is relaxing and not overwhelming. All the reviews you will find on the website are realistic without any wordiness.

The website is very responsive as well; whenever you pick a category, the website will take only a second to respond to your command.

The Main Categories of G2A

The main Categories of G2A are Games, Platform, Genre, and Steam Skins. Since the richest and giant category is of Games, here is a brief review of this category

When you click the button of the Game category, you will get the following sub-categories options: Free to Play, Bundles, Guides, Subscriptions, Best Sellers, Oculus Rift Support, Unique Items, Software, and Prepaid. It is obvious that all the categories are self-explanatory; for instance, the category of Bestsellers explains itself.

The Genre category also helps you to explore and pick the right game for you because by looking at different genres, you will instantly identify your area of interest. The sub-categories of Genre are Adventure, Economy, Horror, Action, Fighting, Strategy, Puzzle, and Tactical etc.

Rich Content and Low Prices – Benefit for Buyers

As it is obvious, the website is full of interesting games, and the number of games it features is more than any other website. But, this is not the actual reason for the highest number of sales that the website somehow manages to achieve. The reason behind the largest number of people buying games from here is that the website offers games at comparatively lower prices. Another interesting thing is that it offers open market and which ultimately results in the customer’s favor.


G2A also gives many opportunities to different gamers which they can use to maintain their gaming lifestyle, and all this is done with the help of Goldmine. Many full-time gamers who want to earn some money as well as want to get some support from the world’s leading online gaming retailer, they can get many opportunities on G2A.

Save the Children

One of the most important projects of G2A is “Save the Children”, and it is also one reason – among many – which contributes to the popularity of G2A. They started their campaign to donate 500,000 USD to the needy children in the developing countries of Africa as well as in Bangladesh to increase the mortality rate. This is an outstanding step taken by G2A to help humanity in general. You will be surprised to know that G2A has already achieved 98% of its goal.


G2A accepts all the famous paying services like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover etc.

Social Media and Customer service

G2A provides you outstanding customer service both via messages and email. You can understand this by looking at the feedbacks of customers; 99.29% customers gave positive reviews after buying something from G2A.

The website also has social media extensions of all the popular social media networks like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

 Coupons and Benefits

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